Summer has arrived bringing warmth and growth.  All around us we see the abundance of nature expanding in all directions.

Growing, flowering and beautiful.

  A time for us to connect with the joy of being alive.  This is the season when the heart energy is at its most abundant.  This energy fully expressed  brings the positive qualities of lightness, joy, love and compassion. 

'Happiness (say the Dalai Lama) is best expressed by caring for others and their well being.  Thus we nurture our own loving nature by thinking of the welfare of others'

So, be kind, be understanding and feel the expansion of your own heart reflected in your care for others.

Our Qigong is to open the heart and let the blood and Qi circulate bringing nourishment to the body and the mind. With a little mischief and playfulness.

Breath and smile, laugh out loud.

Cultivate some child-like fun and playfulness. 

This is the message of Summer

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