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WINTER ~ Water Element

Winter is a time to withdraw, rest and conserve our energy to build inner resources that see us through the next yearly cycle and prepare us for spring.  

 However, its not always easy to conserve energy as the world is asking us to be productive throughout the whole year. Rarely do we allow ourselves to slow down and do less in winter. Yet, it's a time for us to follow Mother Nature's lead and lie fallow and become more still.

Human beings also require periods of stillness in this winter season. 

We balance periods of activity with periods of rest for health.

In our Qigong practice we connect with the WATER element linked to the winter energy and the kidneys. The hardest surface can be worn smooth by the gentle power of water. We follow the fluid, soft strength of water in continuous, unbroken movement. Following the ebb and flow, drawing in and expanding out naturally without tension or force. 

This encourages us to flow with life rather than being tense or pushing through too hard.

Our Qigong practice is flowing, fluid and calming.

Unrushed and effortless

Like floating the arms through the water and letting go into the softness that supports us in our practice.

Become still then flow the way the river flows

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