Spring Blessings

Spring - Growth

Spring is in the air - and in the earth  

The warmer days herald an explosion of energy as plants wake up and greet the new season.  So, we can respond too.  Get out of the house and notice the changes happening in nature.  At the moment these are changing daily. I love to walk the same route and witness the growth as it changes. 

Witness this in yourself also.  You may feel a bit more enlivened and moved to honour this time with some Qigong or Tai Chi practice. 

Stand still in the HRS and feel your feet, your roots connecting to the earth - the earth that is waking up after a sleep. Breathe in this fresh new energy up into the belly, then let it spread out into every part of you to the tips of your fingers and the roots of your hair!  Breathe out any old stale energy that has collected and become stuck over the winter.

Breathe IN fresh Qi ~ Breathe OUT old stale Qi

Allow this letting go and letting in

NOW you are ready to do some practice ~ Enjoy




Don't fight ~ Let Go ~ Be Soft ~ Be Strong

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