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After the winter rest we are beginning to emerge into the growth of spring.  Nature is showing us this in the flowering of spring bulbs and trees showing signs of new growth.

We learn that in order to grow like a tree we need strong roots that anchor us to the earth.  These same roots allow us to be flexible and bend with the wind without breaking.

The Liver is the organ associated with Spring and when strong it has a positive strengthening effect on the joints, tendons and ligaments. Our practice at this time of year is to become rooted, flexible in body and mind - enabling us to bend with the suppleness of a tree in the wind.

The 'spirit' of the wood element is 'anger with clear purpose'

When healthy this manifests as the ability to stand up for what we believe in to be just so we can assert our power in a positive and loving way. 

When the wood element is out of balance this can manifest either as inflexibility and anger or feelings of being overly meek and influenced by others strong opinions. 

We practice smooth, steady movement to bring balance to the influence of the wood energy.


Our Qigong practice is to find our roots, standing firm and building a solid foundation so we can grow healthily upwards and outwards.

Discovering our flexibility can bring calmness to the body mind so we can bring loving kindness to our life

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