Retreat! Winter is here and a  time to rest.  

Nurture your body by getting more sleep. Eat warming foods made from vegetables of the season. Soups and stews are important as they nurture the body Qi in winter.

Nurture your mind by doing some mindful practice of Qigong and Tai Chi.

This wonderful and positive process of following the energy as the seasons change  is reflected in our Qigong/Tai Chi practice

Tai Chi mirrors these rhythms and promotes health by following the flow of life rather than pushing against it. Pushing  can lead to stress as we become out of touch with our own natural body rhythms and the natural cycle of the earth.

Don't fight ~ Let Go  ~ Be Soft ~Be Strong 






Take time to walk in nature to renew your connection to the changing seasons

Feel the earth under your feet

Be grounded


Check out the You Tube Tai Chi video Search for:

'tai chi form stage 1 with Sue Keady'



Sue Keady ~ Tai Chi Teacher. The Art of Mindful Movement

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