It is important to maintain our health in the light of the covid 19 virus. We need a strong immune system, a calm mind and smooth emotions to cope with the challenges that life throws at us. We can do this by choosing to practice some Qigong and Tai Chi.

Also mindful breath meditation can help.

I am putting some practices onto YouTube for my students. Look for 'Sue Keady Qigong'


As we enjoy the summer sunshine the energy of this time of year is upward and outward. This expansive energy is reflected in the growth and flowering in the natural world.  Remember to allow yourself time to let this energy into your life. Maybe projects in your life are coming to this stage - to this flowering. Bright, colourful and ready to be shared, ready to be seen. Your creative process expands into the world. It may be something quite small or something exuberant. Choose to share with your family, friends or further afield. You are a force for positive change in this world - go for it...........

Qigong exercises for Summer: 

Butterfly sweeping: for shifting 'stuck' Qi

Golden Sun for embracing the expansive energy of summer.

Bringing Light into the cells




Don't fight ~ Let Go ~ Be Soft ~ Be Strong


Check out the YouTube

Qigong & Tai Chi videos Search:

Sue Keady

which will bring up the videos including Qigong and Short and Long Tai Chi Form 



Sue Keady ~ Tai Chi Teacher. The Art of Mindful Movement

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